Dog Bite Settlement

Experienced dog attack attorney Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esq. knows Pennsylvania dog bite law better than most personal injury attorneys for violent dog attacks, and is an expert at getting large dog bite settlements for every type of dog bite case in Pennsylvania.

How is a dog bite settlement evaluated by an attorney?

Dog bite settlement lawyer PennsylvaniaAll dog bite claims are unique and pretending there is a general guideline for how dog attack attorneys approach a dog attack settlement is not practical.  So filing a claim with this Pennsylvania dog bite attorney, who uses many different criteria to determine the value of dog bite settlements, is your smartest move.

In determining dog bite settlement awards (aka dog bite compensation packages) we look at who is involved. A dog bite that causes a permanent scar to a person who relies on his or her appearance for a livelihood (a model, television personality, etc.) will, on average, have a dog bite settlement compensation much more than if the dog bite victim works as a miner or in construction.

Please understand that evaluating dog bite claims takes knowledge, experience and some hard-earned intuition. Without a seasoned attorney, you are at a serious disadvantage when negotiating with the dog owner’s insurance company for dog bite insurance compensation in PA.

How Dog Bite Settlements are Viewed by the Insurance Lawyer

The dog owner’s insurance company evaluates dog bite settlements in Pennsylvania by deciding the odds of winning against the range of a likely verdict. The company will offer dog bite settlement amounts that will always be less than the expected range of a jury’s verdict. It’s important to understand that the insurance company’s offer on dog bite settlements can never be introduced at trial.

If the attorney for a dog bite victim makes a settlement demand that is too far over the insurance company’s settlement range, then negotiation of the dog bite claim is usually terminated. An attorney cannot ask for a huge amount of money and expect the insurance company to take them seriously. Insurance companies keep track of verdicts and settlements in similar types of dog bite claims in Pennsylvania. They also keep track of which Pennsylvania dog attack attorneys will take cases to trial and how well they do. Consequently, we attorneys who have a good reputation as trial lawyers, with a proven track record, will usually command the best dog bite settlements.

Dog bite attorneys must balance the risk of loss at trial, or the risk of a jury verdict for less than the last settlement offer, against the likelihood of a larger dog bite compensation being awarded. There is no magic dog bite settlement formula for this analysis, which is why the wise person consults with, and retains, an experienced dog bite lawyer when it comes time to settle a dog bite case in PA.

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Pennsylvania Dog Bite Law

Pennsylvania dog bite law makes dog owners legally responsible for the behavior of their dogs. In most PA dog bite cases, the dog’s owner will be required to pay all medical bills associated with a dog attack, and attorneys can get lost wages reimbursed as well. Sometimes, the dog’s “keeper,” or the person who was taking care of the dog at the time of the attack may be held liable. Liabilities may include:

  • Medical expenses reimbursement, including future medical expenses
  • Compensation for lost income from work
  • Pain and suffering dog bite settlements
  • Emotional injuries compensation
  • Property damage reimbursement
  • Compensation for disfigurement due to scarring

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